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Unowa and Yainvest: From schools to the prosperous future, we take action to foster Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets

July 17, 2024 - Lisbon/Baar/Astana - We are excited to announce a new collaboration between Yainvest, a leading innovator in applied behavioral finance technologies for wealth management, and Unowa, a recognized provider of inclusive educational solutions. Together, we are launching new inclusive educational courses that will teach Swiss wealth management know-how in primary schools in developing markets.

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Etops and Yainvest Announce Partnership to increase Trust and Transparency through Improved Risk Profiles.

April 30, 2024 – Cham/Baar/London – Etops, a leading financial services provider, and Yainvest, a third-generation behavioural finance profiling and risk engine, are excited to announce their strategic partnership aimed at redefining the landscape of wealth management services.

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The science behind behavioural coaching

Investing is constantly accompanied by strong emotions: Worry about the future, euphoria, fear – of losses or of missing out on lucrative trends.

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Mind the Gap: A report on investor returns in the U.S.

The persistent gap between the returns investors actually experience and reported total returns makes cash flow timing one of the most significant factors.

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Swiss WealthTech Landscape Report 2024

The goal of the report is to collate relevant, insightful content and comments from both wealth managers and vendors operating in a specific region.

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Behavioral finance: The psychology of investing

This report aims to provide you with insight on the emotional and psychological influence that can impact our financial decisions.