Etops and Yainvest Announce Partnership to increase Trust and Transparency through Improved Risk Profiles.

April 30, 2024
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April 30, 2024 – Cham/Baar/London  –  Etops, a leading financial services provider, and Yainvest, a third-generation behavioural finance profiling and risk engine, are excited to announce their strategic partnership aimed at redefining the landscape of wealth management services.

The partnership, which brings together Etops’ extensive experience in wealth management and Yainvest’s deep specialization in behavioural finance and strong mathematical foundation, will create synergies that will maximise investors' long-term financial well-being. In addition to the unique opportunity of having a holistic view of aggregate portfolios of liquid and illiquid assets, Etops’ clients can now also ensure that the total risk level of investors’ holdings is aligned with their capacity and expectations.

Etops, renowned for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, views this partnership as a significant milestone in its mission to provide clients with the most advanced solutions in wealth management. Through the integration of Yainvest's data-driven behavioural finance-based solutions, Etops continues to further enhance its product offering through its ecosystem partners, providing clients best of breed software that aligns perfectly with their needs. These so-called “Hyper-apps” of Etops’ integrated partners form new possibilities for solving clients’ problems at scale.

"This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing clients with the most advanced solutions in wealth management," said Mr. Pius Stucki, CEO of Etops. "By integrating Yainvest's behavioural finance-based Profiling solution, we aim to further enhance our services, offering tailored wealth management solutions that align perfectly with our clients’ goals."

Enrico De Giorgi, Co-founder and Member of Board of Directors of Yainvest, echoed this sentiment, stating, “The partnership with Etops aligns with our mission to make our services accessible to investors in search of personalised strategies that meet their expectations. By addressing behavioural aspects and continually leveraging data-generated insights, our goal is to ensure investors' long-term satisfaction with their wealth managers.”

The partnership between Etops and Yainvest shows a significant step forward in financial technology, where the ease of integration through APIs unlocks unprecedented opportunities for wealth managers, family offices and asset managers worldwide. Together, they stand ready to revolutionize the landscape of wealth management and set new benchmarks for excellence within the field.

For more information on Etops and Yainvest, please visit Etops and Yainvest.

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